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Your journey into chiropractic is your own.  How can we help?

Students considering a Doctor of Chiropractic degree tend to come across Life West at different stages in their journey. Whether you know very little about chiropractic and are here to learn more, or you’ve already decided this is your path and want details, we’re extremely excited that you’re here. We want to help in any way we can.

Everything we do is meant to help you along on your journey — not simply preparing you to be a practice-ready Doctor of Chiropractic — but also helping you choose how to exercise your passion for helping others.

Life West is different by design. We’re excited to show you why.

With sincere gratitude,

Dr. Ron Oberstein
President, Life Chiropractic College West

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Why Life West?

You’ll spend 3+ years in a chiropractic doctoral program. Make them count.

Program overview

Life West’s post-graduate program is designed to create practice-ready graduates who have the hard and soft skills required for long, rewarding and profitable careers as Doctors of Chiropractic.

We are unique in that we allow students to choose an academic track to fit their retention capabilities, their graduation timeline goals and a life/school balance that makes sense for them.

Our program ranges from 12-14 quarters, with the final quarter(s) most often completed remotely in hands-on preceptor & internships — allowing critical, in-the-field experience as well as a significant tuition savings to our students.

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Why Life West?

Clinically Inspired Learning — the Alchemy of Clinical Experience & Academics

Traditionally, chiropractic students have taken a sequential path — spending the first half (or more) of their program in a strictly academic classroom environment before transitioning to more hands-on, clinical components.

At Life West, we feel that immersing students in the clinical aspect should happen in parallel to their academic studies, allowing students the practical application of their work in tandem with their classroom studies.

In short, Life West students begin getting hands-on experience significantly earlier than any other program and will graduate with significantly more hours of clinical experience — a huge advantage in knowledge retention and being truly prepared for your post-graduation transition as a Doctor of Chiropractic.

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Global Service Trips

Give. Do. Love. Serve.
Invaluable experience that changes lives globally

Hands-on, experiential learning from India to Tonga

A guiding principle that you’ll hear early and often at Life West: “Give, do, love, serve — from a place of abundance.”  Life West graduates are poised to go on to enjoy long, successful and profitable careers as Doctors of Chiropractic. We hope to root that success in the mindset of giving back and paying forward.

Life West operates a number of global service initiatives including ongoing and upcoming service trips to India, Tonga, Panama and China, as well as service opportunities here at home in the San Francisco Bay Area. Better yet, we’ve partnered with companies such as The Joint Chiropractic to sponsor these trips, meaning students are able to attend for free or at a heavily subsidized prices.

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Life at Life West

The experience matters

Home-base for lifelong friendships and adventures of a lifetime

We’re fortunate to have a great campus filled with amazing students — all in this incredible location in Northern California’s San Francisco Bay Area.

Let’s be real:  Earning a doctorate of chiropractic is going to consume a significant amount of your focus, energy and time for 3 years or more. Along that journey, however, you’ll forge lifetime friendships with some of the most genuine students you can imagine, and you will find countless opportunities to explore — from  San Francisco to Napa to Yosemite to Tahoe & beyond.

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The Bay Area is not only a chiropractic hot spot with tons of great chiropractors and seminars, but it also offers an amazingly wide variety of activities and beautiful destinations. People come here from all over the world for a reason.

Amy MarkhoffLife West Alumni

When people start talking about Life West, people always seem to mention that this amazing institution provides a family-like feel the minute you step on to the campus. Now that I am here, I understand why; it is the unique family feel and energy at Life West which is undeniable.

Morgan ObersteinLife West Alumni

Champions Discovery Weekend was a game changer! I wasn't sure about what I wanted to do before I came - and afterward I was confident I was making the right decisions for my career. The best part was - they never "sold" me. It was an authentic and interactive weekend that put me in the drivers seat for my life.

Holly SchonbergerChampions Discovery Weekend Attendee

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