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Career Nights:  An evening for learning about chiropractic as a profession

Chiropractic care is about so much more than cracking backs and treating lower back pain.  Knowing that, are you curious what a career as a doctor of chiropractic really looks like? The science, the role, the patients, the outcomes, the hours, the income, the school or something else entirely?  This is the perfect opportunity to learn more.
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2020 Chiropractic Career Night event in Reno, NV
Chiropractic career night in San Jose, CA

Why you should attend

Career nights are about helping you decide if becoming a doctor of chiropractic is a path worth exploring

There’s a tendency for those who aren’t intimately familiar with chiropractic care to envision days filled with cracking backs.  While making spinal adjustments is a defining component of chiropractic care, that simplification is akin to saying a medical doctor’s role is to prescribe medication.

So whether you’re curious about chiro specifically, or you’re exploring various health care tracks, Life West Career Nights are a perfect opportunity to start getting an idea about what life as a Doctor of Chiropractic really looks like with no pressure to do anything other than to learn more and get your questions answered.

The format is simple: Local chiropractors will discuss the highlights and challenges of their careers — taking time to answer any and all of your questions.

Over 2 hours or so, we’ll talk openly about things like:

  • Working with patients & patient outcomes

  • The business, the hours & balancing careers with family

  • Income & earning potential

  • The school, cost & time commitment to get there

  • The amazing days and the challenging ones

  • Literally, whatever else you’d like to know

These are intimate discussions, in the doctors’ own office, with more than enough time to get any and all of your questions answered in a very small group setting.  Life West will have admissions staff on hand if you have specific questions about the education component, but to be absolutely clear, this is not an evening for “pitching” you on Life West or even that a chiropractic career is right for you.  That’s your journey to take.

Thinking about coming?

Who are Career Nights geared towards?

Career nights are genuinely open to anyone who’d like to attend.  Perhaps you’ve had a great experience with your own chiropractor.  We often see college juniors & seniors on a science or healthcare academic track who are looking for clarity on what their next steps might be.  We’ll see high school seniors, college freshman & sophomores who are starting to map out what track they’re looking to take as they get further along.  We’ve seen a number of healthcare professionals who are considering a career pivot.  Finally, we openly encourage current chiropractors who’d like to attend to come and help contribute to the conversation.

Upcoming Dates

Join Us This Winter in a City Near You


Los Angeles/Pasadena - Jan 29th

Health Advantage Physical Medicine | 1450 North Lake Avenue | Pasadena, CA 91104

Reno/Lake Tahoe - Jan 30th

Family First Chiropractic | 2155 Green Vista Drive, Suite 202 | Sparks, NV 89431

Sacramento - Feb 10th

Barham Chiropractic | 3441 Arden Way | Sacramento, CA 95825


Portland/Vancouver - Jan 15th

Bridge Chiropractic (Salmon Creek) | 13800 NE 20th Avenue | Vancouver, WA 98686

Spokane, WA -Feb 4th

Clear Chiropractic | 2503 East 27th Ave | Spokane, WA 99223

Seattle/Tacoma - March 4th

Vital Family Chiropractic | 7504 86th Street SW, Suite 150 | Lakewood, WA 98498


Fort Collins, CO - Jan. 27th

Mountain Valley Family Chiropractic | 115 East Harmony Road, Suite 200 | Fort Collins, CO 80525

Boulder, CO - Jan 28th

Terry Chiropractic | 3083 Walnut Street | Boulder, CO 80301


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Map with career night locations in the western U.S.

About the host

Life Chiropractic College West

Life Chiropractic College West offers a well-balanced, clinically-focused Doctor of Chiropractic program from our campus in The San Francisco Bay Area.  That program prepares chiropractors to function as a specialized health care providers — offering care on a direct-access basis and providing for the health care needs of patients through excellent assessments, diagnostic competencies and superior patient management skills.

Career nights are to simply provide information about the profession

While Life West will have at least one admissions counselor on-hand during these events to answer questions specific to the education path to become a chiropractor,we want to be clear that these career night events are not meant as a “pitch” about Life West.  We’re simply looking to give those who have questions about the chiropractic field a forum to get answers to their questions.

If you later decide that this is a field you’d like to pursue, we’d be happy to have that conversation when the time is right.

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